PICTURES OF YOU (A.K.A.) Pix of u. ​

Is a new startup visionary Film and content production company based in California and Mexico City.

"Pix of u" main objective is to produce films and series for the fast growing theater and OTT global market.

It is directed by producer/actor and Mexican cinema maverick Eduardo Arroyuelo, Armando Herrera and Alejandro Diazayas Oliver (both respected names in the investment and corporate world in Mexico).


Pictures of you´s pipeline is filled with many stories with diverse themes and genres, different budgets at different stages of development. None of them passes the 5 million USD production budget. The films somehow are tangled together through the characters and/or story of each film. (Example: The minor character “Mentor” or “Agent of change” in one movie is the leading man of an other. It´s that character’s own movie viewed from his own and personal point of view. The protagonist of one might be the antagonist of the other. Etc.

Stitching all the stories together and interacting with other mediums like social networks, NFT's, etc. Pictures of you is creating an interconnected metaverse. All can easily be re-maked and easily re-written as OTT series, etc. Every movie is unique but they all are unified with a certain touch of magical realism. Using local stories with universal values, the scripts are designed to enter through a niche and organically find it’s way to global market expansion.

It took more than ten years of developing the content. Writing and polishing the scripts through the supervision of prestigious american “script doctors." ( Syd Field, Robert Flaxman, Skip Press, Writers store, etc.)

Now "Pictures of you” has in its pipeline, scripts and sources to produce the movies. ( And series spinoffs)

We are ready to cover a new demand where content is king. ​

Our first full feature "You can´t always get what you want" is not a movie. It is a reaction to rejection. Every NO we got on the way to the production of our movies created this "sui generis" way to produce and finance our first film and the ones to be produced there after. This financial model is based upon points and stock owned by the participants of the picture ( This ownership can be acquired with either cash, services or goods).

Disruptive, and meta aware of the gaps, we transported "Punk rock" philosophy to the new wave of global filmaking. This democratization and latest technology allows us to make the moving pictures that we want with total control, full artistic expression and total creative freedom.

The work has been done, The moment is now, the people are gathered…

It is the time… The time to Rumble...

The time to make...

The pictures of you. ​

“ A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order.”