You can hire the same writer(s) that create and develop all the "Pictures of You" content for your own project, up-to-date and visionary creators working for your best interest (in both Spanish or English).

Script Doctor

You send us your script, we give you a one-on-one evaluation session.

(2 revisions included.)


From your original idea, story bible, or fully developed concept, we are hired to write your scripts exclusively.

(2 revisions included)

*As hired writers, we work for a per page fee. Pictures of You does not keep any intellectual property rights, yet the team of writers do keep writing credits and royalties.


From your driving idea, we structure and develop your vision on paper step by step until the first draft of your script.

(2 revisions included)

We create your power pitch written or illustrated.

We deliver the project´s outline, treatment, synopsis, and a carefully crafted first draft.

(2 revisions per stage included)

In addition to the per page development fee, Pictures of You keeps a percentage of the intellectual property rights, writing credits, and royalties for the team of writers.

Ghost Writing

Buyout! We keep no intellectual property rights or writing credits at all.

We write it, you put your name on it!

*A mention of Pictures of You as a consultant in the roller credits once the project is produced is mandatory.*


Creation, development, methodology, tips and up-to-date info you can hire at an hourly rate.

Consultation a hour.


Acting Coach, career consulting, Self-Tape, headshots. Personal One on One sessions. Hourly. ​ We help built your acting career.

Tech support

We love to share all our Technological pipeline we use on our last project. From buying equipment to self- distribution.

You can have an appointment or call us!