The total Pictures of you package is aimed to the production of the entire ecosystem. Eight projects, entangled and interconnected through characters, places and situations. The same characters cross over between projects, assuming different roles no matter the style or genre of each story.

Every story can either be produced as a separate unit (each a 3 million dollar film aproximately) or together, interacting with the other stories and becoming serialized. Every individual project can then be developed into spinoffs, generating the upcoming seasons of each.

Complete episodic series for VOD, CABLE & FUTURE EMERGING PLATFORMS are also being developed individually to be added to the Pictures of You universe at a later date, including the projects in an early development stage " Thug" and "Polyamory"


In the corporate world (Godinópolis) a hapless employee breaks through his fears to become an alpha.

THUG (El lacra)

This thug´s wicked life happens as he time travels with his reckless actions filling the most famous unexplained historical gaps.


If you think having a partner is a pain in the ass, try having two.